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When you contact a lawyer, you need someone that is trustworthy, efficient, and ready for any situation.  At The Law Offices of Adam Steinberg, we pride ourselves in breaking down every situation and analyzing the best course of action.   Generally, there are several avenues to success.  We strive to find the best road and charge forward in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


While we may choose a runway for success, we are also prepared to pivot in a new direction.  In our business, you must be ready for change and you must anticipate your adversary’s moves to be proactive and avoid a reactive approach. That’s why we roundtable every case on a weekly basis, at a bare minimum, to ensure that we are not just keeping up with the demands of your situation, rather, we are planning our moves much like a game of chess to provide to best course of action to call “Check Mate” on your behalf.


The key to success at our firm is the trust we garner from our clients and the community at large.  We are active in community with charitable endeavors: Whether that means our efforts supporting the local soup kitchen, providing complimentary legal advice to those in need, and donating thousands of dollars on annual basis to local charities like the Grid-Iron Grilloff .  Our reputation in the community is important to us.


Our clients trust us and that matters.   We keep the lines of communication open to create the best opportunity for success.   We know that our clients and other lawyers in community trust us because that is the source of most of our business.  We often secure referrals from prior opposing counsel asking us to handle a case.


Even more important to us is that we always try to do the right thing whether that means trying a case for a month (which we did in February of 2017 for a Real Estate client) or settling a case to avoid corporate distractions and additional attorneys’ fees.


We look forward to doing the right thing for you and your legal needs.  Thank you.