Saturday September 22, 2018
Sports & Entertainment

Sports and entertainment are multibillion-dollar sectors that require legal representation possessing superior business judgment and refined legal skills. The Law Offices of Adam J. Steinberg represents media personalities, professional athletes and coaches, professional trainers, and sports agencies with practical counsel that protects their interests.

Our approach is to provide general counsel to the entertainer or sports client by utilizing in-house experience and associated counsel located nationally.   We understand the need to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our clientele. We also understand the distinct needs of our clients in these industries based upon years of experience.  Our trusted relationships with legal counsel or other trusted professionals will ensure that our Sports and Entertainment clients receive the best available representation utilizing our Formula for Success: Cost efficient, goal oriented.

Our practice includes:

Contract Negotiation, Preparation and Counsel
Asset Protection
Intellectual Property Protection
Business analysis
Endorsement/Marketing Deals

All in all, Adam Steinberg has represented sports and entertainment clients in a variety of matters.


Practice Areas